The ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) is the world’s premiere university sports programming competition, tracing its roots to 1970 with the first Finals in 1976. Last year, 40,266 students from 2,736 universities from 102 countries on six continents competed for the privilege of advancing to the ICPC World Finals. Participation is open to students from every university in the world.


The first time the World Finals was held outside of the USA was in 1999 in the Netherlands. Since then the World Finals has been held in Canada, Czech Republic, China, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Thailand. Rapid City is honored to host the “2017 ACM ICPC World Finals sponsored by IBM”, the 41st in the series.


The contest has consistently showcased the best university students of computing. Preparing for and competing in the ICPC gives students a chance to improve their skills as well as an opportunity to show themselves to the world-wide IT community.

Programming Contest

Every contest has its rules. Each team of three students is provided with one computer and given 5 hours to solve 10 or more fairly difficult problems.
To solve a problem means to write a program that will successfully pass all tests prepared by a panel of judges. The team which solves the biggest number of problems wins. If there are several teams which solve the same number of problems, the winner is determined by comparing time penalties.
Today computer programming has no bounds. It has become a real intellectual sport watched by leading IT-corporations and all those who are interested in developing computer technologies.

Global Organization

The ICPC competition operates globally under the auspices of ACM in accordance with the ICPC Policies and Procedures.  The ICPC operates independently and is managed by ICPC Headquarters at Baylor University.

Welcome to the ACM-ICPC World Finals 2017 in Rapid City, South Dakota!