IBM is the world’s largest information technology and service provider. The company invests in high value business areas and strategic markets such as Cognitive Computing, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Mobile Computing, and Social Business.

With the Smarter Planet initiative, IBM believes intelligence allows for the growth and innovation of human life, including the way people live, work, and govern themselves; the way services are ordered and delivered; and the way the environment is protected.

The world is already connected economically, technologically and socially. However, being connected alone is not sufficient. The world needs new generations of talented leaders and problem solvers to infuse intelligence into our daily lives. Over the last decade, IBM has driven a significant transformation of its business model and product portfolio to address the specific needs of clients and society.

The company pays close attention to science, funds mathematicians and physicists, and takes part in the organization of various events dedicated to research and development of technology. IBM has thousands of software engineers in more than 90 research and development laboratories around the globe, who focus on solving real-world business issues for clients in more than 170 countries.

IBM has been the primary sponsor of ACM ICPC since 1997. IBM’s sponsorship commitment to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is part of a company-wide effort to advance the next generation of technology leaders and problem solvers who have combined skills of computing science and business management.

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